Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Let us kiss say good bye and catch the bus?

Beach is where the waves kiss the sand and leave without waiting for an answer. Had the waves not gone, the sand could melt into talk about many things of the land that waves cannot see. But he does not want to talk, he does not want to wait all he need is a touch and he must leave.
 When God created man he must have kissed on his forehead and said “it is good”. Later when Adam met his beloved, eve, walking towards him from distance he must have run and kissed her. of course, Cain knew the warmth of  his mother’s hug and kiss.
Then tell me if i don’t kiss how I can express my love. We must kiss, hug and embrace each other.
A mother kissed her child in the public and there i saw a smile on their face. It turned a frown when a boy met a girl and a kiss is planted.

Society is a monster and we must kill it

“We have gathered here to kill a monster by plucking out his eyes and by cutting off his fingers” they argued within their hearts, before they attacked.
Somebody told as i was watching, “we cannot help but attack things that does not change. “
He continued preaching,
“We want change, from others don’t change, and we wish to be the others who make the changeless laws. Also, we need nobody to control us so we control them telling what not to be controlled.
The monster wants us to be like him but we need the monster to be like us. It is just a transfer of power.
Nobody wants to change; nobody needs other men to be free. All need things to be perfect, all need his or her idea to be absolute, all need to set rules.”

If kissing is nothing special

then why should I ever kiss ?

No one has the right to tell me i should not kiss my wife. No one has the right to tell me I should not kiss my friend. I am more concerned with my logical convictions than some superficial culture or forefather’s tradition.
But it does not mean that i have to burn the beauty of kissing. It is my favourite expression of love and not to be trampled in a crowed.
Sadly people fail to understand secrets are better than scandals. I would rather kiss my wife in private, and let it be a secret between me and her. it gives me more pleasure because privacy adds its charm .
Kissing is more than placing your lips on the other cheek. 
in the case of sex, When you kill its secrecy you are destroying its beauty.
If there is nothing to be hidden then we have lost the ability to wonder. Let us keep secrets to be secrets and things to hide be hidden.

Free men are dead like a trees.

the question is not can we kiss in public or not. in the present day context, as a response to this week's incident, i would like to say that Kissing is not an act of revenge. It is not a hammer to hit your enemies. You reduced the kiss to nothing to show the world that you are a rebel, to shout that you are a free man and more reasonable than others.
Why do you say that kissing must be allowed and beating must be prohibited? what is the logic behind it?
If we have the right to do anything we want, then nobody has the right to ask for his rights. If kissing must be allowed because of freedom then why don’t we justify beating with the same freedom?
So who gave me the right to kiss my wife?

Freedom is doing the right thing. But if you have no definition for right then our freedom is a myth.

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